We have a range of different UPVC, Hardwood and Aluminium options for you to choose from in a variety of different colours.
  • Casement windows are the most popular, providing you with a range of different opening options to meet your requirements.
  • Bay Windows provide you with additional light and space in your room and we can offer a wide variety of different casement options for you to choose from
  • Sliding sash windows are very popular in traditional homes, providing you with a fully energy efficient product, but at the same time keeping the character of the building
  • Tilt and Turn windows are very popular in apartment blocks. They provide you with the opportunity to ‘’turn’’ the window inwards 90 degrees allowing you to clean the window from the outside. You can also operate the ‘’tilt’’ function, which provides you with ventilation in your room.
  • Cottage style windows are again popular in traditional buildings or cottage style homes. The window is a casement design but with bars running through the window with separate pieces of glass which mirror a traditional cottage style window