Composite Doors Supplied & Fitted across Wirral

Offering both beauty and durability, composite doors are a great addition to any home. Designed for security and insulation, Visage manufactures exceptional composite doors and we are proud to be an approved installer across the region.

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High-quality composite doors from Visage

Visage stands as a renowned name in the composite door sector, and rightfully so. Visage doors are built to impeccable standards and provide exceptional strength and longevity. With minimal upkeep, resistance to weather, and superior security features, Visage doors ensure lasting peace of mind for homeowners.

A question of style

With 31 door styles in 16 unique colours, Visage offers a diverse range to suit varied tastes. You can customize glazed panel sizes and shapes, ensuring the perfect match for your preference, be it a solid door or one that lets light into your hall or porch. With Visage composite doors, there’s also the flexibility to personalise glass designs by adding colour, shaping, leading, and beyond.

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Strong and durable

Every Visage door is crafted for durability. From its hardwood core and metal frames to the glass reinforced polyester coating and 24mm toughened glass, quality is evident in every component. The GRP coating stands up to the elements and needs minimal upkeep – just a simple wipe to maintain its fresh appearance. Beyond their sturdy build, these doors instil confidence, especially given their significant security advantages.


Enhanced security for peace of mind

Visage composite doors come equipped with top-notch security features, and more besides. Sturdy hook bolts embed into the metal frame, bolstering security. An optional feature is the slam-shut mechanism, which, once the door is shut, requires a key to open from the outside. A noteworthy addition is the Yale Keyfree system. Eliminating the need for traditional keys, it introduces advanced security tools like a fob – similar to what many modern cars use – and a manual keypad for entry. This innovative system is the brainchild of Yale, a name synonymous with door security expertise.

Energy efficient – reduce heating costs

Visage doors are renowned for their style and security, but the benefits don’t stop there. Their thick, multi-layered build ensures remarkable thermal efficiency. By installing a Visage door, you can significantly minimise heat loss from your home, leading to improved energy efficiency and reduced heating costs.

A name you can trust

As a leading composite door installer, we have many products to choose from. We offer Visage composite doors to our local customers because they stand out as industry leaders, with an esteemed reputation. Every Visage door undergoes rigorous testing and certification to meet and exceed the highest quality standards.


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If you’re looking for quality Visage composite doors, get in touch with us today. Liverpool and Wirral customers should call Thexton Windows on 0151 608 2278 for a free, no-obligation quote.